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Cash Register Casio SE-S400

The Casio SE-S400 cash register combines style with functionality in a sleek black design. A new feature found on the Casio SE-S400 is a 10-line LCD display. This allows easier viewing of sales item line by line and helps to eliminate errors. Up to five (5) items, the transaction subtotal and the price of last item entered are all displayed for the operator's review. Scroll up and down the product list to easily delete items that need to be removed from the sale. This is a much easier function than having to use the void function or close and restart the sale. The SE-S400 also boasts a 2X20 pop-up customer confirmation display with the last item's name, price and the transaction subtotal.

Standard Features
An upgraded feature with the Casio SE-S400 is that there are 2 serial communication ports available for connectivity with an integrated credit card terminal and/or bar code scanner. The Casio SE-S400 cash register features a 25 direct dept keys with shift levels and up to 3000 PLU's. This is a great cash register for small retail operations.

Reliable Cash Drawer
The Casio SE-S400 features a compact well designed and built 4 bill/5 coin plastic cash drawer. Although of plastic construction, the front face is designed to overlap the the outer drawer. This prevents the clerk when closing the cash drawer from damaging the rear plastic pin holder from cracking and breaking resulting in needing to purchase a new cash tray. Other comparable priced models from Sharp, Royal and Sam4s do not have this unique feature.

Integrated Credit Card Payment Option
An optional electronic payment device can be connected to the cash register allowing the store owner to integrate credit, debit and gift card transactions. The integrated payment device will decrease the time it takes to finalize a transaction and the close out process at the end of the day.

SD Card Slot
An SD card slot is available to save a secure program back-up, and use the device to download the same cash register program to multiple units. This saves huge amounts of time on not needing to individually program multiple cash registers.

Voltage Conversion
These cash registers have an automatic voltage detection feature. It detects the type of electrical current incoming and makes the adjustment so as not to overload the cash register. It does not matter whether you are using 110 or 220 volt power, the different voltages will not harm the cash register. This is a great feature if you want to operate this cash register in countries outside the USA.

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