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PCI-E Gigabyte GV-R725OC-2GI Dilihat: 556

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PCI-E Gigabyte GV-R725OC-2GI

Specifications :

  • Powered by AMD Radeon R7 250 GPU(Verde Pro2)
  • Integrated with the first 2048MB DDR3 memory and 128-bit memory interface
  • OC Edition - Core Clock:970 MHz (Std 925 MHz)
  • Dual-Link DVI-D / HDMI / D-Sub
  • Support PCI Express 3.0 x16 bus interface
  • System power supply requirement: 400W
Chipset Radeon R7 250
Memory Clock 1800 MHz
Process Technology 28 nm
Memory Size 2048 MB
Memory Bus 128 bit
Core Clock 1100 MHz (Std 1050 MHz)
Card Bus PCI-E 3.0
Memory Type DDR3
DirectX 11.1
OpenGL 4.2
Digital max resolution 4096 X 2160
Analog max resolution 2048 x 1536
Multi-view 2
I/O Dual-Link DVI-D*1 / HDMI*1 / D-Sub*1
Card size H=35, L=195, W=130 mm
Suggested Power requirement 400W
* The entire materials provided herein are for reference only. GIGABYTE reserves the right to modify or revise the content at anytime without prior notice.
* Advertised performance is based on maximum theoretical interface values from respective Chipset vendors or organization who defined the interface specification. Actual performance may vary by system configuration.
* All trademarks and logos are the properties of their respective holders.
* Due to standard PC architecture, a certain amount of memory is reserved for system usage and therefore the actual memory size is less than the stated amount.

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