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Memory Avexir Core 8GB KIT DDR4 2400Mhz Dilihat: 341

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Product Description

The whole thing about Core Series development is to satisfy gamers for their desire of gaming experience, featuring a fascinating LED breathing light effect which makes the RAM a gaming gear with soul inside. Core Series is the ultimate choice for case modders to own. The Core series passed the standard test from motherboard manufacturers, and was certificated by ASUS, ASRock, ECS, GIGABYTE and MSI. It was also awarded around the world by professional review editors and association such as iF design. It already becomes the benchmark of new generation, showing the persistence of AVEXIR Technologies to build best RAMs.

• DDR3 investment is ending at 1866 MT/s, while DDR4 speeds START at 2133 MT/s
• 50% Performance boost in bandwidth
• ADDR/CMD parity on DRAM
• Voltage is 1.2 V lower than DDR3 1.5 V (at lest 20% power savings)

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