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Memory Geil Evo X RGB 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz Dilihat: 354

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Details Product :
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Descriptions :

GeIL's DDR4 EVO X Series features Hybrid-Independent-Light-Module Technology, thus setting new standards in high performance memory illumination. 

Introducing the world’s first fully RGB illuminated DDR4 memory module, GeIL introduces the all new EVO X Series, an irresistible rig providing stunning lighting effects with full customizability and compatibility on the latest X99 and Z170 mainboards.
Featuring the revolutionary HILM™ (Hybrid-Independent-Light-Module) Design, the EVO X separates the entire lighting solution and circuitry from the memory module, satisfying both, the need for stunning RGB illumination with zero interference on the module, thus providing maximum performance. The EVO X DDR4 Series starts at a clock speed of 3000MHz, scaling up beyond 4000MHz.
The EVO X Series fully supports latest high-end motherboards’ RGB User Interfaces. By simply connecting the mainboard’s 4-pin RGB connector, the EVO X provides full customizable RGB lighting effects and enabling synchronized illumination across the mainboard, graphics card and other RGB UI compatible components.
The Built-in “Sliding Hot Switch” supports manual real-time control of the RGB illumination, even on mainboards without RGB support. Connecting the EVO X to the mainboards fan connector enables the “Sliding Hot Switch”, providing 4 different modes of breathing RGB illumination – red, green, blue and RGB cycle mode. 

Specifications :

  • Model / SKU : GEX48GB2400C16SC
  • 2400MHz RAM Speed
  • CAS 16-16-16-36 Timings
  • 1.20-1.35v VDIMM
  • Hybrid-Independent-Light-Module Technology


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